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2012 — Shopper Marketers Build on “The Year of Mobile”

2012 January 31
by Tom Boisvert

In 2011, the long-promised “Year of Mobile” finally became a reality. All signs point to an even greater year in 2012. According to metrics from IBM, mobile devices were responsible for 9.8% percent of online Black Friday sales, up from 3.2% a year ago.

For shopper marketers, mobile is going to be of even greater importance and value this year. I’ve put together a Shopper Marketing Mobile Wish List for 2012.

  1. More Money, for Better Mobile Experiences: At the top of the list, I’d like to see more money flow to mobile experiences, and see more powerful user experiences become mainstream.
  2. Greater Understanding of the Power of Mobile for Retail. I wish that more advertisers and marketers would understand the amount of retail traffic that is shifting to mobile, and the power of marketing there. Retail was the fastest-growing category for mobile content in 2011.
  3. Mobile, Standard on Every Marketing Plan. I wish for mobile to be a critical element of every brand and retailer’s marketing strategy. So does Google —last fall, the company offered what was termed a “carrot and a stick” for mobile advertisers: tools to help create mobile-specific Web pages, and lowered quality scores for those who don’t. They also  launched a website to help advertisers understand the basics of going mobile.
  4. Monetization of Retail Mobile Sites. I wish for more retailers to open opportunities for brands to pay for promotion within the retailer’s mobile site. Just as on retailer’s Internet sites, there are huge opportunities for digital retail advertising on mobile sites — everything from mobile banner inventory to sponsorships to branded mobile content.
  5. Leverage Mobile to Drive M-Commerce. I wish for more retailers and advertisers to place importance on mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is booming, as evidenced on Cyber Monday and numbers such as the $5 billion in projected sales on eBay mobile this year. And yet many retailers still do not have robust mobile commerce capabilities, and most mobile shopper marketing campaigns do not currently include m-commerce integration.
  6. More Mobile Coupons. I wish for more retailers to accept mobile coupons. And so do consumers — the redemption value of mobile coupons will grow eightfold between now and 2015, up to a staggering $46 billion.
  7. Focus on Mobile Web more than Native Apps. Native apps often seem to be the first place marketers want to go, however mobile websites 1) can now support many of the same features 2) are cross-platform, thus easier and cheaper to build and maintain 3) show up in mobile search results and 4) are used by more consumers.
  8. NFC Hits the Mainstream. NFC is going to be big — the bets being placed by Google, Visa and the like are certain to ensure this. So, Retailers: Invest in the hardware. Phone manufacturers: Make more phones with NFC embedded. And Consumers: Start using your mobile wallets. Let’s just do this already!

All signs are pointing to 2012 as a banner year for mobile shopper marketing. But you can’t blame a marketer for wishing for more.

What are some of your mobile shopper marketing wishes for 2012?

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